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Imaging Equipment Service Records: Big Money in a Few Pages

Posted by Gabe Viscomi

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Apr 29, 2015 3:44:48 PM

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Field_Service_Reports_SavingWhen someone tells you that a few pages could be worth big money, your first thought is probably more along the lines of an NBA contract or a Pulitzer-worthy poem than the field service report (FSR) for your imaging system. Nevertheless, that pink/yellow carbon copy that you should be getting after each service call might be the key to thousands of dollars in the near future and even more down the road.

The following are three major monetary benefits you gain when you save your field service reports:

Resale Value

Think of your FSR back log as the Carfax report for your used imaging system. Just as a detailed maintenance record increases a car buyer's comfort with an asking price, so it does with an imaging system buyer. When you're ready to sell your system and upgrade, keeping your FSRs on file takes the issue of proper system care off the negotiation table with a tangible accounting of all preventative maintenance visits and repairs.

Tracking Problems

When you have problems with your system, are they consistently of the same nature as previous problems? Do you find yourself replacing the same part(s) over and over? If so, your service provider could be treating the symptoms instead of the problem. Your past FSRs should have the information you need to start this conversation. If every report is telling you the same thing, checking into it can save a lot of money in downtime, parts, and labor costs.

Expense Planning

All parts have a shelf life. Some of them last for years while others may need to be replaced more regularly. Having a record of the last time a part was replaced and how much was paid for it is a valuable tool in planning out a maintenance budget. When funds are set aside and replacement is less of a surprise, costly downtime can be reduced.

The Takeaway

The more information you have- the better. Keep your service paperwork on hand in a file folder at the very least. Make digital copies if you can. Some service providers will keep digital copies on file for you. In Block Imaging's case, all FSRs are kept in cloud-based storage and accessible through our Service Window account portal.

Forgotten details cost time, parts, and extra work- all of which can add up to a substantial dollar amount over the span of a system's life. A file folder and a few minutes at your copier can save you those costs. Don't leave your site unprepared.

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Written by Gabe Viscomi

author of blog post

Topics: Imaging Equipment Service

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