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How to Tell if a GE Innova Is an IQ System

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The “IQ” suffix on some systems in the GE Innova line of cath labs has caused some confusion over the years. Having an IQ could mean more, or different, table-side controls, a touchscreen interface, and improved PACS integration. However, we've talked to a lot of people wondering exactly which Innova version they have and whether or not they can enjoy the advantages of the IQ platform.

We decided it was time to record the answers and put the question to rest once and for all. Here are some tips you can use to identify whether or not your Innova cath lab system is actually an Innova IQ.

To Be Absolutely Sure

The only sure-fire way to know if your system is an IQ is to look in the software. If your system has had the Unity upgrade, then it is considered an IQ.

To check for the Unity upgrade from your home screen:

• Click on the Swiss Army knife icon in the top bar of the screen and choose "Service" from the drop-down menu

• Wait for the Service User's Interface (also called the SUIF, or "swiff") to load

• When the SUIF has loaded, you should see a table labeled "System Overview"

• Look in the field labeled "DL" for the word "Unity"- if it's there, you have an Innova IQ


Other Indicators

Tableside Controls

If the controls have a silver handle with a blue base, this is indicative that a system is an IQ. We have, however, seen IQ units with blue handles too. If your controls have blue handles, check for the Unity upgrade in the software to be sure.


Central Touchscreen Control

If your system has an Innova Central Touchscreen control, you've probably got an IQ. This control is only compatible with Innova IQ systems.


Cabinet Sticker

On top of the Atlas C1 cabinet, there should be an OEM sticker(s) that indicates if the Unity upgrade has been completed.


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