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How to Sell Your DEXA System

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Time for an upgrade? Thinking about changing your service offerings? Whatever the reason, you're here because it might be time to part ways with your current DEXA system.

Following the tips outlined in the video below will help you fetch the best possible price you can for your DEXA system. You'll do it by answering the most common questions and demonstrating the most important aspects of its condition- up front. Save time, save trouble, save back-and-forth haggling over final dollar amount.


How to Sell Your DEXA System

The Takeaway

Once you've prepped your system for sale as discussed in the video clip, you're ready to learn your system's market value and begin pursuing a buyer in earnest. If you're ready to start that conversation, our team is ready to hear all about your DEXA and give you a snapshot of what you can expect to sell for.

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