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How to Print Multiple Images on a Sony UP980 C-Arm Printer

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With some paper types costing as much as $250 per case, wasting paper on your Sony UP980 C-arm printer is a touch more detrimental than an errant fax or a duplicate at the office copier. Fortunately, the UP980 has settings that allow you to print up to 6 images on the same sheet for more economical viewing. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to change the multi-image setting on your Sony UP980 C-Arm printer.


Multi-Image Settings on a Sony UP980 Printer

Multi-Image Settings on a Sony UP980 Printer


Multi-image prints are perfect for those quick reference situations or for giving patients hard copies of their scans. If you'd like to see more time and money-saving C-arm service tips, take a look at our free C-arm resources page.


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