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How to Get the Right X-Ray Tube for Your GE R/F Room

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If you're using a GE R/F room, you're also using an MX100 X-ray tube and, like any tube, it will need to be replaced from time-to-time. Unlike other X-ray tubes, however, the MX100 comes in a number of varieties and ordering the right replacement for your particular system isn't as simple as a part number and phone call.

Take a look at the tips and examples below so that you can save your facility downtime and be sure you're getting the right "flavor" of MX100 for your R/F system.

A 2-Piece Part

Each MX100 tube unit is made up of two components: the insert, in which the X-rays are actually produced, and the housing, which protects the insert and mounts it onto your R/F room. The inserts are essentially the same. What makes getting the right MX100 tricky is ensuring it gets to you in the housing that matches your system.

What's Your Angle?

90 degree horn angleThe characteristic that will determine exactly the tube you need is called the horn angle. The angle of your horn (the cylindrical part that your high voltage cable will plug into) is determined relative to the position of your X-ray tube port (the part of the tube from which the X-rays pass). Among MX100s, there are ten different horn angles, viewed from the anode end of the tube:

  • 15°
  • 45°180 degree angle
  • 90° on the same side as the tube port
  • 90° opposite the tube port (pictured at right)
  • 135°
  • 180° (pictured at right)
  • 225°
  • 270° on the same side as the tube port
  • 270° opposite the tube port

Each housing type has a different part number that identifies the horn angle. This is why it’s important to give your parts supplier both the housing part number and the insert part number when getting a quote or placing an order.

What Are Your Numbers?

The housing label (left) and the insert label (right) are side-by-side on the exterior of the tube unit. Be sure to get both part numbers (aka "model numbers") before you contact your supplier.

MX100 Tube Housing LabelMX100 Tube Insert Label

The Takeaway

You already experience downtime when your tube fails. Getting the wrong replacement delivered to your doorstep pretty much doubles that downtime. Fortunately, this possibility is completely avoidable if you set your supplier up for success with the right information. Whenever you order a tube for your R/F room, always be sure to give your supplier both the housing and the insert part numbers.

If you have an immediate need for an MX100 or other R/F part, we're ready to help. Contact our Parts Team at 877-621-2887 or use the button below to submit a request on line.