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How to Get the Most Out of Your OEC C-Arm Battery Set

Posted by Andy Jarvis

Jun 25, 2019 2:27:50 PM

:: 1 minute read ::

oec-battery-pack-lifespanOne of the most commonly replaced parts on an OEC C-arm unit is the main battery set in the "C" portion of the system. Frequency of use, applications, and proper maintenance of the system all factor into how long an individual battery set will last, but the typical lifespan our customers and engineers have observed is between two and three years.

To help your facility maximize the lifespan of your OEC battery set, here are some notes and tips on charging and use for battery packs in the OEC 8800, 9600, 9800, and 9900.

Battery Warning Range

A warning message will appear on the display if the battery charge drops below 70%, and remains until it drops to 40%. If the battery charge falls below 40%, a "wait" message will appear, and you will have to charge the batteries to continue use. If you

When to Plug Your C-Arm In

As you might guess, your system works best when it's fully charged. Keep the C-arm plugged in overnight and whenever the system is not being used. You should shut the system down, but leave the interconnect cable connected between the monitor cart and the C-arm. If you've used the system long enough to see  a charge warning or a wait message, a full recharge will likely take a few hours.

When You've "Overcharged" Your Batteries

It is possible to put too much voltage into your battery pack. If your C-arm is plugged in without use for too long, you may see a "Precharge Voltage Error" come up during boot-up. You won't be able to use your system until this error is cleared.

Overcharging can be very bad for your batteries. To prevent this from happening, make a habit of powering your C-arm up for about an hour at least three times a week.

When You Need to Replace Your OEC Battery Set

Eventually all batteries run out of juice, for good. When the time comes to replace your C-arm battery set (part number 5327368), you can expect to spend about $750-$900. If you need a replacement now, we'd love to help. We keep new batteries in stock, ready for overnight delivery to keep your downtime to a minimum. 

The replacement process is relatively straightforward. You can see video instructions for swapping them out here. If you would prefer to have a c-arm engineer come out to perform the maintenance we can do that too.

Whatever C-arm parts and service needs you have, we're ready to assist. Contact us to let us know how we can help.


Written by Andy Jarvis

author of blog post

Andy Jarvis is a Customer Service Representative with the Block Imaging Parts Team. It’s his pleasure to bring over a decade of imaging industry experience to the level of service he provides parts buyers every day. When he’s not serving imaging facilities, Andy enjoys traveling with his wife and their four children.

Topics: C-Arm, Imaging Equipment Parts

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