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How to Find the Software Version on Your OEC 9800, 8800, 6800, or 2800

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If you use an OEC C-arm or urology suite, the time may come when you need to know your system's software version for service purposes or, if you intend to sell your system, to tell a prospective buyer essential details about the equipment.

If you've never looked it up before, it's very easy to do. There are three simple steps below to find out which software version is installed on your 9800, 8800, 6800, or 2800 system. For brevity's sake, we'll refer to these systems collectively as, "X800".

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How to find 9800 Software Details

Boot up your X800 system

Just press your power button and wait a minute or two as you normally would.

Press "Help"

After bootup is complete, push the "Help" key on the workstation keyboard.

OEC 9800 Help Button









Note your software details

The next screen that comes up will be the software versions menu. Be sure to copy down all the numbers on the screen or, better yet, take a photo with your smartphone or camera to share with engineers or buyers. Each number gives a little more detail about the exact configuration of your machine.

Release: The generation of software currently running on the system

WS: Workstation node

GIB: Generator node

SRV: Service node

FFB: Fluoro functions board node

OEC 9800 Help Screen

The Takeaway

Whether your needs are service-related or sales-related, you can find the software details for any system from OEC whose model name ends in "800" with the steps above. If you need to know more about OEC software, parts, or equipment, we can help with that too. Use the button below to contact our team and let us know how we can help.

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