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How to Connect an OEC 9800 to PACS

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Congratulations! Now that you have an OEC 9800 C-arm at your facility, you probably want to get busy using it to serve your patients. Before you do though, you will need to connect it to your PACS network so your physicians can review and store the images they will be taking.


Our C-arm engineer walks through the steps to get connected in the video below. He'll explain what information you'll need and where to enter it to get your system networked. PLEASE NOTE: The numbers in the video are examples. You'll need to get your site's specific networking numbers from your IT manager. 

Connecting Your OEC 9800 to PACS

How to Connect an OEC 9800 to PACS

If you have other questions about C-arm setupservice, or troubleshooting, we're happy to help. contact us with your questions or check out any of our free C-arm resources.

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