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How to Choose a Refurbished Equipment Vendor Based on Service Support

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Today's marketplace affords dozens of options in purchasing refurbished equipment. On top of that, many providers offer warranty periods ranging from 30 days to a full year. This is great, right? Warranties provide an added peace of mind, help maintain uptime, and help control costs if something should go wrong with the system. Yes, all of that is true- but only if the company serving the warranty is well-equipped to carry it out.

Simply being offered a warranty is no guarantee that you'll actually be satisfied with the service. The following are a few questions to ask your prospective vendor about their warranty fulfillment to make sure their commitment isn't creating a false peace of mind.

Do you have dedicated service personnel?

If a technical issue arises, the best way to make sure your warrantied equipment will be brought back to full functionality quickly is having access to service support personnel who only handle service issues. Diagnosis and, subsequently a solution, come far quicker when their pure focus is to resolve service issues- not selling the next piece of equipment and crossing their fingers in hopes the system doesn't fail until day 31 (or 366). 

Do you have service tracking software?

From status updates to uptime and parts replacement updates, the who, what, and when of service support is critical. When this information is easily accessible to you, when and wherever you need it, the stress and confusion that can come with equipment downtime is greatly reduced.

Who is actually on site to provide service support?

"Staff field service engineers" or "certified vendors" in a given product area are the answers you want to hear on this one. "I'm not sure" or "We have a guy in Philly,"... not so much. While we're sure that the City of Brotherly Love is home to many qualified imaging engineers, the point remains: if your provider can't confirm that the people they use in the field are properly qualified, there's a chance that, when the personnel on site is just "some guy", the service may be sub-par.

The Takeaway

Purchasing from a trusted and capable vendor is important. One way to double down on this is digging a little deeper with your vendor when the time comes to talk warranties. Make it clear that you're expecting a service agreement that has qualified people and user-friendly mechanisms in place to address equipment failures that arise between equipment delivery and the time when it has scanned reliably for long enough to prove that it can perform for the long haul.

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