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How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Philips Brilliance 64?

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You know you need to upgrade your facility with a refurbished CT scanner and you’ve decided to purchase a Philips Brilliance 64-slice. The question now becomes how to best leverage your financing to maintain a positive cash flow while you pay for the scanner.

We understand that it’s not always feasible to drop a large chunk of money into a single piece of equipment all at once. That’s why we'd like to point out a financing option that can help you align your business plans with your medical imaging needs. The income from your Philips Brilliance 64-slice won’t come in all at once, so why should your expenses go out all at once?

While there are many flexible options for financing, the most popular is to include the first year of service in the purchase price and finance the lot over 5 years.

As an example, you'll see our monthly rates for a typical refurbished Philips Brilliance 64-slice below.

Lease Payments for Philips Brilliance 64

  • Monthly payment toward equipment balance: $2,550

  • Incremental payment for first year service coverage: $1,850

  • Total monthly payment across 5-year lease: $4,400

This financing plan offers a full year of lower payments before tapping into your budget for ongoing service costs.

The Takeaway

Beyond this example, there are a number of other options you may consider. Whichever financing plan you eventually settle on, the bottom line is this: if your site needs an upgrade, you don't have to wait until you have a lump sum to get the equipment you need.

If you have other questions about the Philips Brilliance 64 or leasing a CT scanner, we're happy to help with both. Contact us for more information or check out our free resources.

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