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How Much Does It Cost to Lease a GE VCT 64?

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People come to us when they want to upgrade their CT scanner AND save money over the cost of brand new equipment. However, even at refurbished CT prices, later-model scanners like the GE VCT 64-slice can represent a hefty sum to pay all at once. No worries: many refurbished imaging systems, including the VCT 64, are available through a variety of financing options that can make your initial costs far more manageable.

We'll break down our most popular CT lease option below, and fill you in on the typical monthly lease payments for a GE VCT 64 under the plan. 

Multi-Year Financing for GE VCT 64

Far and away the most common option for people looking to lease a VCT 64 (or any CT scanner, for that matter) is a 60-month term. Splitting the total cost over a time frame that long greatly reduces starting costs and enables upgrades to happen much sooner. Currently, under the 60-month term, the monthly lease payment for a GE VCT 64 is around $2,900. Note- that figure does not include service coverage for the system.

Any time a CT scanner is in use, whether leased or purchased outright, we recommend it be under some form of service coverage. Maintenance should happen regularly to keep the system performing well. Repairs, and parts replacements are bound to happen at some point too. Footing the bill to replace a tube, for example, is a serious expense, one that is taken care of for you under coverage. The five-year plan drives starting costs even lower by splitting up the cost of the first year of service coverage across the payments of the entire term. The monthly cost for the first year of service on a VCT is around $1,500.

If buying a VCT 64 outright in a lump sum and covering its first year of service in 12 installments instead of 60 is a tall order for your equipment budget, this plan lets you get started for about $4,400 a month.

The Takeaway

Even if the VCT 64 isn't your final choice it's worth noting that there are options that can help your facility upgrade its CT equipment sooner. This financing plan, and others like it, are available for many models. If you'd like to know more, contact us, or read on for additional details.

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