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How Much Does It Cost to Lease a GE Optima 660?

Posted by Paul Crawford

Feb 11, 2019 10:30:00 AM

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An upgrade, replacement, another scanner in an existing equipment stable- whatever your purpose in buying an Optima 660, doing so outright may not be in the cards for your facility at this point. If not, the secondary market can help you lower that up-front cost with a more manageable lease plan.

Beyond simply lowering starting costs, some lease plans build the cost of a year of service coverage into the final price and spread it across the full term of the lease. This provides a year of lower payments before having to use any of the funds normally set aside for equipment upkeep.

Here, get an average figure of what your monthly payments might be to lease a GE Optima 600 under our most frequently chosen lease terms.

60-Month Lease

An Optima lease over a 60-month term is the agreement the majority of buyers we work with prefer. Breaking up the cost into so many payments lowers starting costs and helps your upgrade happen sooner. Right now, 60-month payments for a GE Optima 660 are about $4,500. That payment price doesn't include service coverage, but adding that in is still manageable.

We suggest any CT scanner have some form of service coverage. Regular maintenance is essential to guaranteeing high system performance. It's also true that repairs and new parts will eventually be an expense. A new X-ray tube or detector array, for example, can be very pricey to cover yourself. With coverage, however, that expense, and others are taken care of for you. A 60-month lease term pushes starting costs down even further by breaking up the price of the first year of coverage across the full term as well. The monthly cost for the first year of service on an Optima 660 is around $2,000.

If purchasing an Optima 660 outright with its first year of service is beyond your budget, this plan makes your upgrade happen for approximately $6,500 a month.

The Takeaway

Regardless of which CT you choose- Optima 660 or otherwise- it's a big deal to know that you have providers waiting in the wings with financing options at a manageable pace. Similar options are available for other CT models too. If you want to know more, you can contact us or see some of our other CT lease guides:

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Written by Paul Crawford

author of blog post

Paul Crawford is the Vice President of Dealer Solutions at Block Imaging. In addition to his role here, he is also a husband and a father of three. Paul believes the biggest value a business partner can provide is a partnership built on trust and strives to earn that trust with transparency in every conversation, project, and transaction he’s a part of.

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