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How Much Does It Cost to Lease a GE Lightspeed 16?

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If you're in the market for a refurbished 16-slice CT scanner, chances are you've come across the GE Lightspeed 16. This is a bread-and-butter, workhorse system that we here at Block have written about before. We covered the system's features and explained why it's so popular in other blogs, so we'll cut to the chase on the question that brought you to this blog today: "How much does it cost to lease a GE Lightspeed 16?"

Lightspeed 16 Lease Prices

There are a number of flexible financing options on the refurbished market but, in our experience, the most popular lease term length is 60 months. Under this term length, the typical monthly lease payment for a GE Lightspeed 16 is approximately $1,700. Note- payments at this level make starting costs very low, but they don't include service.

We never recommend that a facility forego service coverage. Periodic maintenance and occasional parts replacements simply go hand-in-hand with the experience of owning and operating a CT scanner. Because service coverage is so important to system upkeep, we suggest financing the first year of service across the 60-month term as well. Monthly payments for the first year of service coverage on the Lightspeed 16 are about $1,000. Another benefit to this approach is that, by financing the cost of your first year of service as part of your initial system price, you have 12 months of low payments before needing to access your regular ongoing service budget.

If purchasing a Lightspeed 16 outright, plus a year's worth of service in 12 regular installments, is above and beyond your equipment budget, the 60-month term gets you started with a monthly payment around $2,700.

The Takeaway

The takeaway here is simple, but powerful: You don't have to wait for your budget to allow for a lump sum, outright purchase. A long-term leasing plan can spread those costs out and get you the equipment you need sooner, without sacrificing the peace of mind that comes with service coverage.

If you have more questions about the GE Lightspeed 16 or leasing a CT scanner, we've got experts that can tell you all about both. Contact us directly for more information, or keep reading with any of our other CT resources.

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