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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Mobile MRI Machine?

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We recently shared in another blog article how much it costs to rent a mobile MRI machine. Naturally, this begged the question from a number of people, "How much does it cost to buy a mobile MRI machine?" We'll answer that today.

The US mobile market is both cyclical and nuanced. In the early 2000’s, mobile route providers were growing like crazy and the supply couldn’t keep up with the demand. From 2007-2015, as many care providers brought MRI in-house, the mobile supply outweighed the demand and market pricing fell.   

Given these market dynamics, the following prices are based on mobiles that were built, refurbished, or upgraded in 2015 or later.

Mobile MRI Machine Purchase Prices

Scanner Model
Siemens Symphony
GE 9.1 Echospeed
Philips Intera
Philips Achieva
Siemens Avanto
Siemens Espree
Price Range
$200,000 - $285,000
$185,000 - $250,000
$125,000 - $175,000
$275,000 - $425,000
$475,000 - $595,000
$550,000 - $750,000
$750,000 - $950,000
Price Variables
Trailer age/condition, TIMS, gradient class
Trailer age/condition
Trailer age/condition, gradients
Trailer age/condition, gradients
Trailer age/condition
Trailer age/condition, channels
Trailer age/condition, channels











The Takeaway 

While these ranges are a bit broad and don’t/can't take every situation into account, they are a starting point for understanding where the budgeting process for a mobile MRI purchase is likely to take you. There are also a host of mobiles out there that need major work before going back on the road and scanning patients safely and effectively. Pricing for these can vary even more dramatically than the recent builds and refurbishments we covered above.

Whether you decide to purchase or simply rent, our team is happy to discuss your mobile MRI options with you to find the very best fit for your needs. To reach out and learn more, use the button below to see our inventory and hear from our mobile imaging specialists.

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