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How Much Does Bloodborne Pathogens Training Cost?

Posted by Gabe Viscomi

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Aug 5, 2015 2:45:00 PM

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How much does Bloodborne Pathogen training cost?If you manage any kind of healthcare facility, you already know that OSHA requires you to train your team in bloodborne pathogen (BBP) exposure prevention and accidental exposure response. What you're probably wondering now is how much you should be paying for that training.

The good news is that there are BBP training options that can fit literally any budget. The not-so-good news is that some of them take more work than others. Below, we take a look at what content is included in several options as well as the time and effort involved to administer them for compliance.

The Range

We've seen this type of training available from a number of different sources, ranging in price from $0 to $150. Courses come in many different formats as well; from PowerPoint, to Slideshare, to printed manuals, to DVDs. 

The Low End

The free options are almost always found online. They are likely to be presented through some type of slideshow program like PowerPoint, Slideshare, or Prezi.

Many of these courses are put together by reputable organizations like the USDA, OSHA, and various universities and contain accurate and complete information. On the other hand, there are courses for which authorship cannot be determined. There is a chance that the information is just as accurate and just as complete, but when OSHA has material available, why risk it?

Where free courses fall short is assessment, record-keeping, and convenience. Many free options do not come with a prepared test. The person who administers the training will need to write a test, proctor it, grade it, and possibly proctor and grade it again for anyone on their team who happens to fail.

The OSHA standards that address this training also require that detailed records be kept to verify employee attendance of yearly training sessions and test scores. This is another task that the training admin will need to take on and maintain.

In terms of convenience, free courses still necessitate a meeting of the entire team. This often means reserving a room, reserving a projector or TV, and most of all- reserving everybody's time on the same day. 

We won't say that a free BBP course can't work, but we will say that these options create more work for whomever in your organization is responsible for administering one of them.

The High End

The most expensive options tend to be more along the lines of an all-inclusive kit: a DVD presentation of the full course, master copies of a test, a test key, a shorter version of the course that serves as a yearly refresher for repeat trainees, and a template for printable certificates of completion.

All of this content is certainly valuable, and it certainly saves an administrator the work of preparing a test and creating a certificate, but the most time-consuming tasks will still fall to that person: grading the test, keeping attendance and testing records, and reserving rooms, equipment, and time in the staff's schedule.

A Better Way

There is now a simpler solution: a paid option that eliminates all of the time-consuming tasks mentioned above. We offer an online BBP training course for healthcare workers that includes a full video presentation of BBP precautions and procedures, testing, and certificates.

The course is hosted online, so students can view it any time, anywhere they have internet access- no more scheduling. The test is self-grading- no more copies and red pens. Records of course completion and test results are stored in the cloud, just a login and password away. Certificates are generated automatically- printable when you need them, and digital when you don't. This BBP training option is available for $5 per student. See the video trailer below for an inside look at the course.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, any of the options we've mentioned above can help you on the road to OSHA compliance and a safer workplace for your team. The bigger question is one of value. If you have time on your hands, building your own testing, record-keeping, and certification processes around a free presentation could be your best option. If you're a little busier than that, $100 to $150 could save you a small portion of that time. But, if you and your staff are like most of us, $5 a head is a small price to pay for the opportunity to get compliant at your own pace, at the most convenient time, and with next to no time invested on administrative tasks.

BBP Safety Training Trailer

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Teaser

Written by Gabe Viscomi

author of blog post

Topics: Medical Imaging Compliance, Medical Imaging Service Training, Video

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