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How Much Does an Open MRI Scanner Weigh?

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Getting a new open MRI scanner can be exciting: new capabilities, new ways to serve patients, and (maybe) eligibility for new reimbursements. But, before you go out and make an equipment purchase, you'll need to contain your excitement for a little while and sort out some logistics. Namely, you'll need to make sure just how much scanner your facility's infrastructure can handle.

With that need-to-know in mind, we've compiled the table below to show you the approximate system weight of the most popular open MRI scanners.

Open MRI Scanner System Weights

 Scanner Model Magnet Strength (Tesla)  Approx. Weight (lbs.) 
 GE Openspeed  0.7  21,000
GE Ovation   0.35 44,000 
GE Profile  0.2  20,000 
Hitachi Airis II  0.3  34,000 
Hitachi Airis Elite  0.3  34,000 
Hitachi Airis Mate  0.2  17,000 
Hitachi Altaire  0.7  90,000 
Hitachi Aperto  0.4  30,000 
Hitachi Oasis  1.2  34,000 
Philips Panorama  0.23  29,000 
Philips Panorama  0.6  83,000 
Philips Panorama 1.0  1.0  15,000 
Siemens Concerto  0.2  25,000 
Siemens Magnetom C!  0.35  35,000 
Toshiba Opart  0.35  25,000 

Although open MRI scanners generally have a smaller footprint than closed systems, that doesn't mean the process of getting one into your facility will bear any fewer considerations. Even the lightest open MRI scanner is still an extremely heavy piece of equipment. As you enter the process of choosing the best open MRI for your facility, be sure that a consultation with a qualified building contractor is a part of that process.

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