How Much Does a Refurbished OEC 9900 Cost?

It wasn't long ago that OEC 9900 C-arms were still rare on the secondary market. As the model has matured, however, the availability of pre-owned 9900s has increased significantly. This increase has prompted a shift in cost that moves the 9900 into a pricing bracket accessible to a much wider range of facilities. If you've considered the OEC 9900 in the past and found it to be outside your budget, you should know the landscape has changed.

We consulted one of our resident C-arm experts, Gary Dodge about what savings buyers can expect to find when they come across OEC 9900s on the refurbished market. He replied with this:

Current Refurbished OEC 9900 Prices

Right now, refurbished OEC 9900 C-arms start around $82,000 for a basic configuration- 9" image intensifier and the ESP platform- with a one-year warranty. 

If you're looking for a 9900 Super C, that will start around $86,000.

Once you begin looking at a 12" image intensifier, the cost goes up to $95,000 - $99,000 with GSP or ESP software.

A premium configuration, like a 12" image intensifier with Vascular or MTS Vascular software and a one-year warranty runs in the neighborhood of $110,000. 

The Takeaway

With prices where they are, plus wide availability of parts and service, the OEC 9900 is a system that offers a stronger value now than it ever has. If you're in the C-arm market, and the 9900 is on your short list of contenders, our team is ready to help with your next steps.

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