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How Much Does a Mobile CT Rental Cost?

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Renovations, upgrades, increased volume, market changes- there are a lot of reasons why service with your primary, fixed CT scanner could be disrupted, or simply not enough. When circumstances like these arise, a mobile CT rental might be the best solution to keep your schedule and your goals intact while your other CT scanner projects are in progress.

Below, we'll share with you the main reasons folks contact us for mobile CT rentals, as well as what you can expect to pay on average to rent.

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Why Mobile CT Rental?

Mobile CT rentals make perfect sense for many reasons, especially:

If you need to test your market- Maybe you dream of adding CT to your center but you aren't entirely sure the referral base you'll need will be there. A mobile CT rental can give you a "trial run" and helps determine if buying a CT will be a good investment for you.

If you are designing a new CT suite- While your current CT suite is undergoing renovations, a mobile CT rental will help you keep up with cases. Your patients and providers won't miss a beat.


If you are running a training or continuing education course- A mobile CT suite gives you a place to perform demonstrations without tying up your facility's existing scanner(s).

If you have a backlog of patients- If you have cases stacked up and your current CT just can't keep up, a mobile CT rental can help trim that backlog down.

If you have low traffic at multiple sites- Purchasing a CT for each site in your network may not be a wise investment for your needs or your budget. A mobile CT rental that runs a route can stop at each site for a few days at a time and take care of the needs at each.

If you have money in your operating budget but not your capital budget- In most cases, the cost of renting a mobile CT falls under operating budget expenses. If your capital budget is a little tapped out, renting a mobile can get you scanning while you wait for the calendar to roll over into the next fiscal year.

Now: the question you came here for:

How Much Does a Mobile CT Rental Cost?

The cost of a rental will vary across a few factors, namely: the make/model and the slice count of the CT in the trailer, as well as the length of your rental term.



4-16 slice CT scanners- $12,000-$22,000

32-64 slice CT scanners- $25,000-$32000

128 and up CT scanners- $32,000-$40,000

Yearly- At 12 months, you'll generally get a discount on the monthly rental fee of your specific make/model. 

Keep in mind, however, that mobile CT rentals are designed to meet a specific, temporary need like the ones noted above. If you need a long-term solution, we suggest you consider a CT Lease. 

Additional Rental Costs

As in the process of most other major rental transactions, there are additional fees to consider. Almost every rental quote from any provider will include some form of these fees:

Security Deposit-This fee is refundable if the CT is returned in the same condition it was provided to you. It will also cover damages when appropriate.

Transportation-These charges cover transportation costs to and from your facility. If you request faster shipment, an expedited shipping fee will be charged. Planning (and ordering) ahead helps you avoid these fees.

Installation-This covers the cost of having an engineer install and deinstall the CT at your facility.

Cleaning Fee-This fee is relatively negligible and will be used to thoroughly clean the CT for the next facility that will be renting it.

Make certain when comparing quotes to observe these add-on fees. Fees will often be embedded into the monthly rental fee, but the quote should always note if they are additional or included.

Ready to Rent?

If you're ready to explore a mobile CT rental solution, just use our easy CT Rental Request Form to tell us what you're looking for. Still unsure? We can help you learn more and make the very best pick for your facility. Contact us for additional details if you're not quite ready to request a rental. We look forward to helping you with a rental solution very soon!