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Hologic Selenia X-Ray Tube Types: Which One Do You Need?

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If you own a Hologic Selenia digital mammography system, there's something you may not know about your X-ray tube that will be important when it comes time to replace it: It's one of two types manufactured for the unit, and they are not interchangeable,

Below, we'll break down the difference between the two types and give you two ways you can confirm with your parts supplier that you'll be getting the correct replacement tube the next time you order.

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Selenia Tube Types: The Difference

The two types of Hologic Selenia tubes are both contained in the same housing and look virtually the same. The difference in classification is based on which metal is used in the insert. There are rhodium Selenia tubes and tungsten Selenia tubes.

The Gantry Serial Number

One way to tell which type of X-ray tube your Selenia system needs is to look at the serial tag of the gantry. This tag should be affixed to the back panel of the main column. If your Selenia uses a tungsten-insert tube, the serial number will have a "W" on the end of it. If it uses a rhodium-insert tube, the serial number will include only numbers.

Hologic Selenia Tungsten Serial Number.jpgHologic Selenia Tube Rhodium Serial Number.jpg

The X-Ray Tube Model Number

The second way to tell which X-ray tube type your Selenia needs is to look at the model number the tube's own serial tag. This tag is affixed to the back side of the rotating C portion. The label will have a field marked "Insert Mod." with either "M-113T" (tungsten) or "M-113R" (rhodium) printed in it.

Selenia Tube Tungsten.jpgSelenia Tube Rhodium.jpg

The Takeaway

Fortunately, the distinction between the two types of Hologic Selenia X-ray tubes is a simple one to see and understand. Still, it pays to be aware so that there can be greater clarity in the way you communicate your replacement needs to your parts provider- after all, miscommunication is the root of many delays, frustrations, and avoidable costs.

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