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Hologic Selenia Tube Lifespan and Replacement Cost

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Eventually, every X-ray tube gives up the ghost, even the tube on your trusty mammography system. If you are you looking to replace the tube on your Hologic Selenia or Selenia Dimensions, you might be wondering what you can expect to pay and how long it will be before you have to do it again. Great questions! Here we'll share with you the typical life expectancy and replacement cost for Hologic Selenia tubes.

Two Types

There are two different tube types used on the Selenia: the M113-R, and M113-T. If you need help identifying which of these tubes is on your system you can refer to this previous blog article on Selenia tubes. The Selenia Dimensions only uses the M113-T; the M113-R is not compatible.

The Span

In the experience of our engineering network and our Selenia-owning customers, the tube on these systems lasts an average of 6-9 years depending upon work load, and site conditions. High-volume facilities can expect to fall on the shorter end of the spectrum, while sites with more moderate traffic can expect to have a tube last longer.

The Cost

The current price range for a used Selenia tube is between $4,000.00 to $8,000.00 depending on the tube's manufacture date. A new tube from the OEM costs about $12,000.

The Takeaway

There is no way to be certain how long your Selenia tube may last, but if your tube is approaching the outer edge of life expectancy these figures may be useful as you begin looking for a replacement option. If you're searching actively or pro-actively for a Selenia tube, our parts team is standing by to assist.

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