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Hologic Selenia Mammography Paddles: Which Are 'Standard'?

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Anyone considering the purchase of a Hologic Selenia mammography system expects it to come with some compression paddles, and rightfully so. Buying a mammo without paddles is a little like buying a car without tires- you can't get anywhere without them. But, in a marketplace where dozens of paddle varieties are available, which types should a buyer look for? Which types might be considered a "standard" set of paddles for the Selenia?

While there really isn't a universally agreed upon standard paddle set, there are a number of paddles used so frequently by technologists that they could be considered standard on a de facto basis. The video below will fill you in on which mammography paddles are likely to be included in a Hologic Selenia purchase.

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Hologic Selenia Family "Standard" Paddles

The Takeaway

Ultimately, not every facility uses the same paddles and not every mammography equipment provider offers the same paddles. If, however, you're entering the mammography space for the first time, having the paddles listed in the video will get you off to a great start in having the right tools to serve the majority of breast cancer detection needs,

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