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Hologic DEXA: Troubleshooting X-Ray Control Interrupt

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If your Hologic DEXA system is giving you an "X-ray control interrupt" error, there is a series of easy-to-access LED lights inside your system that can help determine what the problem is. Checking these LEDs before you contact your service provider can help them better understand what your issue is and know (if necessary) which replacement parts to bring.

Watch the video below to learn which parts you should be checking, where they are located inside your system, and how you can access them to check your LED indicators.

Troubleshooting X-Ray Control Interrupt

While performing this step is far from a definitive diagnosis, it makes a significant difference in the likelihood that your service provider can arrive with the right replacement parts in hand. If you're experiencing X-ray control interruptions or other DEXA service issues, please contact us. We're to help you get back up and running as soon as possible.