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Hologic DEXA: Shutting Down Safely

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You wouldn't go for a long run without doing a cool-down at the end, would you? Well, maybe you would, but you'd be a lot more sore the next day. Of course, there are those of you who are saying to yourselves, "I'd probably skip the long run altogether." If you fall in the latter category, I would encourage you to stop over-thinking the analogy and work with me a little.

Just like your body, your DEXA unit needs to cool down after exerting itself to prevent "aches and pains" the next time you have work to do.

We've already discussed the proper way to start up your Hologic DEXA for a day of scanning, but there is also a proper way to shut your system down that will prolong its life and reduce the likelihood of losing any of the patient data you've acquired. Below are some brief tutorials that will show you what you should do at the end of each day's scans.


Proper DEXA Shutdown

Your DEXA table usually stays on to keep your tube and HV tank warm, but your PC workstation should be powered down at the end of each day.


Data Back-Up

Backing up your data has obvious benefits for you, but it can be a big help to field service personnel too.


If you'd like to know more about getting the best performance and the longest life out of your Hologic or GE DEXA equipment, we have many more resources you can use on our bone densitometer resources page.


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