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Holiday Video Greeting 2014

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Christmas_2014The Block Imaging team (seriously- ALL of us) wanted to wish all of you a joyful holiday season. We know that you're quite popular and probably already have scads of greeting cards jammed into your mailboxes, so we opted to put together a video filled with all the ways we look forward to serving you in 2015. ENJOY!

On a side note, the image you see to the right is the winning entry in our office's Ugly Sweater Contest. Upon learning that his sweater would be shared with the world, the wearer asked to remain anonymous. We choose to believe that this was motivated by his deep-seated sense of humility ;)

Block Imaging Holiday Greeting

Thanks again to all those in the medical imaging field for all you do to help patients and families. If you're looking forward to any equipment projects in the new year, we'd love to help however we can. Contact us if you have any questions (or if you have any musical videos of your own)!