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HealthTrust University Recap

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health-trust-university-conference-2014Just two weeks ago, Dave McAndrews and I had the pleasure of attending the HealthTrust University Conference and Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee. Everything about the show was an absolute blast, but here are a few of the highlights:

Block Imaging was approved as a refurbished imaging equipment provider in February and this was our first year in attendance at HealthTrust University. What a wonderful time it was connecting with HealthTrust members from all over the US, both on the exhibition floor and while listening to Kix Brooks and a wildly entertaining Journey tribute band. And we most certainly can’t forget the closing session speakers: dynamically insightful messages from William Rutherford, CFO of HCA, and reality TV survival guru, Bear Grylls. 

The conference was planned and executed beautifully from venue to content. The published materials were clear and helpful and the food and entertainment were the cherry on top. 

Through our conversations with members from HCA, CHI, CHS, CHE, and USPI (to name just a few) it was clear that folks were excited to have a vetted refurbished equipment provider under the HealthTrust banner. 

So with that, kudos to the HealthTrust and HTU conference teams!  Block Imaging looks forward to continuing to work alongside HealthTrust and its members to provide tremendous value in meeting clinical needs and economic expectations within the capital imaging equipment space.

If you're a HelathTrust member we didn't get a chance to connect with, we'd love to hear from you as well! Use the button below to see special imaging equipment offers and pricing available to HealthTrust members, then tell us about your upcoming equipment project. 

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