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Genoray Zen 7000: C-Arm System Overview

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Over the last seventeen years, Genoray has been developing and releasing increasingly sophisticated C-arm systems and gradually increasing their presence in the market. It's been a bold endeavor, considering the stiff competition from longer-standing C-arm manufacturers like OEC and Siemens, but as more recent iterations of their equipment begin to emerge on the secondary market, Genoray systems have shown our team and our customers that they are well worth considering alongside names you might be more familiar with.

To help inform you as you explore the options for your next C-arm solution, we've put together a brief video overview of the specifications, user experience, and overall value of Genoray's Zen 7000 C-arm. 

Genoray Zen 7000 Overview

Genoray Zen 7000 Overview

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