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GE XR/d and Senographe 2000D Workstations: Cost, Signs of Failure, and Replacement Info

Posted by Samantha Binder

May 17, 2019 10:30:00 AM

:: 3 minute read ::

Sun-Ultra-10-WorkstationWhen GE developed their Senographe 2000D mammography system and their XR/d X-ray room, they partnered with Silicon Valley's Sun Microsystems (acquired in 2010 by Oracle) to provide workstations for both machines. The particular workstation in both of these cases was the Sun Ultra 10.

The Ultra 10 is a reliable platform but, just like any computer slogging through the day-in/day-out of a crowded patient schedule, there comes a point where a replacement will be necessary. 

Below, we'll break down the different types of Ultra 10 workstations, what causes them to fail, and the solution when you experience workstation failure on your 2000D or XR/d.

The Types

There are three types of Ultra 10 workstations used with GE mammo and X-ray:

Part number 2258243 (2000D only)

Part number 2299357-3 (2000D & XR/D)

Part number 2299357-2 (2000D only)

So- what is the difference between them?

All three types have 440MHz SPARC-II processors. The real differences come in memory, onboard storage, and the type of input voltage selection at the power supply.

Part number 2258243 has 384 MB RAM, two 9.1 GB hard drives (stores fewer patient images), and a power supply with switch-selectable AC input voltage. The end user will need to take care that the AC input voltage is set according to their installation.

Part number 2299357-2 is practically the same as 2299357-3. Both have 512 MB RAM, and two 20 GB hard drives, a considerable image storage advantage over 2258243. The -3 has a power supply with automatic input voltage selection. The -2 is rare, and can have either power supply style. The -2 sometimes also features a clip-on micro-SCSI connector. 

The Cost

The average cost to replace your Ultra 10 will vary based on which type you have. Unsurprisingly, the versions with more RAM and greater image storage are the more expensive.

Part number 2258243 (GE updated this to 2299357-3, which is compatible with both 2000D and XR/d): $2,000-$3,000 

Part number 2299357-3 and 2299357-2: $3,500-$4,500

The Lifespan/ Signs of Failure

There are two main reasons the Ultra 10 eventually fails. The first is wear and tear to the capacitors on the motherboard. The second is depletion of the captive internal battery on the non-volatile memeory (NVRAM) module. The typical maximum lifespan of these batteries is ten years, but many will deplete before that. Once the battery is depleted, the workstation normally won't boot. Even if it does, it will not allow entry to the browser because normally non-volatile information for licensing has been lost due to the loss of power to the NVRAM. Unfortunately, a new, blank NVRAM will not solve the problem as they require special programming .

The Solution

Block Imaging can provide Sun workstations with Senographe 2000D, AWS 17.5 + IDC (Image Detection Controller) 2.2.2 software for immediate shipping. Other configurations may take additional time to implement and may not be ready for same-day shipping.

Request a replacement Ultra 10 workstation

In addition to having the correct modality software, it is important that the IDC snippet installed on the workstation matches the IDC in use, or else software corruption can occur. There are two different IDC types for each modality.

We recommend that XR/d users load their own software as they will be most able to identify their specific configuration out of all the possible combinations (factoring in table, wallstand, IDC). We can help with missing or corrupted disks as needed.

We can preload the correct version of IDC snippet onto the workstation if the buyer can get us the version number from their IDC applications CD or tell us the part number on their IDC. We can also identify their IDC type by the size of the optical cables plugged into the back (the latter is a procedure detailed in the service manual).

For the customer to install the IDC snippet onto the workstation themselves, they will need to find their IDC applications CD, as well as the proper instructions. For the Senographe 2000D, these instructions are located on the front cover insert booklet of both the IDC applications and AWS applications CD case. For the XR/d, these instructions are found in the System Cal And Functional Checks volume of the service manual.

Software load & configuration steps:

1) Load workstation operating system and applications

2) For XR/d systems with both table and wallstand, add 2nd IDC to configuration

3) Update IDC snippet files on workstation using IDC applications CD that corresponds to the IDC(s) in use

4) Install optional CD-R writer (must be done with your CD-R writer)

5) Restore AWS parameters (site config, networking, etc.) from your AWS backup floppy

Other notes about replacing this part:

1) Upon power up, the screen will remain blank for a very long time if the keyboard isn’t plugged in.

2) If software won’t reload properly, first try replacing the jumpstart floppy disk.

3) Because of the SPARC processor, you will not be able to use any ordinary PC utilities or programs.

4) Make sure the software license key and HOSTID are actually written on the GE rating plate label at the rear.

5) There are Sunblade 150’s that can replace the Ultra 10. Do not be alarmed if a parts vendor hapens to provide you with one of these.

If you need a new workstation for your XR/d or your Senographe 2000D, we can help. Use the button below to tell our team exactly what you need and to receive a price quote, or give us a call if you need help determining which type and version your system is running. Once your new workstation arrives, you can follow these steps to get your software and configuration correct and start scanning again.

request imaging parts pricing here

Written by Samantha Binder

author of blog post

Samantha Binder is the Parts Customer Service Manager at Block Imaging. Her goal is to lead a team that shows they value every customer by providing excellent, noteworthy service. Out of the office, she loves to explore Michigan’s lakes, forests, and microbreweries.

Topics: Imaging Equipment Parts, X-Ray, Mammography

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