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GE VCT CT Scanner Review

Posted by Brian von Gunten

May 13, 2019 4:00:00 PM

:: 2 minute read ::

GE-VCT-ReviewFor years now, the GE Lightspeed 16 CT scanner has enjoyed widespread popularity in the medical imaging field and, in many ways, has been the standard of care in CT. The LS16 has been so reliable, in fact, that it continues to be a top seller on the used market.  

In spite of the LightSpeed's high level of quality, the pace at which CT technology advances means that many hospitals and imaging centers keep their eyes perpetually open for what the used market will bring next. To those facilities, we point out GE's VCT scanner platform as an affordable step forward in technology that comes with a comparable level of reliability. Keep reading to find more details on the VCT series.

What Is VCT?

VCT stands for volume computed tomography, a software platform design from GE which, to paraphrase the manufacturer, "enables the clinician... to utilize volume coverage and thin slice imaging concurrently, rather than alternately." Basically, VCT can get you fast scans (volume) and superior image quality at the same time, whereas previous multi-slice platforms have had more of a trade-off in these areas.

What Are the Benefits of VCT?

VCT software is available on GE 32-slice and 64-slice scanners. These systems, combined with VCT software, are well-suited for applications like neurology, cardiology, perfusion studies, and trauma.

Aside from the advances in image quality, VCT scanners offer a number of other software and hardware benefits including:

  • Images of a beating heart in as few as 5 heartbeats
  • Images of a single organ in one second
  • A whole-body trauma scan in ten seconds
  • Automated dose reduction features
  • Highly automated for single-technologist operation
  • Lower table height than previous GE models for ease of access
  • Higher table weight limit than previous GE models
  • Remote gantry tilt (from the control room)
  • In-room start

How Much Does VCT Cost?

Models at both 32 and 64 slice counts are available on the secondary market, which means taking a leap forward in technology at a more affordable price.

Current prices for GE CT scanners with VCT software (ASiR not included) average as follows:

  • VCT 32: $115,000 - $125,000
  • VCT 64: $135,000 - $165,000

Request CT Prices

If an upgrade in CT capabilities is in your facility's near future, a GE VCT could be an excellent pick in terms of both acquisition speed and image quality. Whichever CT scanner is right for your needs, we're happy to help you learn more. Contact us or read more of our free resources to learn more.

See how the VCT 64 compares to 64-slice scanners from other major manufacturers:

GE VCT 64 vs. Siemens Sensation 64 

GE VCT 64 vs. Toshiba Aquilion 64 

GE VCT 64 vs. Philips Brilliance 64 

Written by Brian von Gunten

author of blog post

Brian von Gunten is VP of European Operations at Block Imaging. His goal is to make equipment acquisition easy for radiology departments and asset managers. Out of the office, Brian enjoys reading, writing, and exploring Europe on his frequent trips.

Topics: Buying Imaging Equipment, CT Scanner

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