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GE VCT 32 Lease Price Guide

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Upgrading your CT equipment to a 32-slice scanner can seem a little out of reach as an outright purchase. If that sounds like the scenario your facility is in, the good news is that there are providers who understand this and offer options that can make that higher slice count more attainable: a three, four, or five-year lease.

Beyond the most apparent benefit (reducing starting costs), some lease plans build the cost of the first year of a service agreement into the total and spread it across the duration of the lease. This gives buyers a year of lower payments before having to tap into the regular service budget they reserve for their entire imaging equipment stable.

Keep reading to find what you can expect to pay each month to lease a GE VCT 32 under three common lease terms.

5-Year Lease

Choose this plan to get the lowest monthly costs across the lease term. Payments under this plan average around $4,600.

4-Year Lease

The 4-year term is the "middle of the road" plan. It still offers reduced costs up front, but is also pays off the balance of the purchase price more quickly. A VCT bought under this plan typically costs $5,600 per month.

3-Year Lease

The 3-year term is for those who want to pay down their equipment balance as quickly as possible. Under this plan a typical monthly payment is about $7,300.

The Takeaway

Whether or not you choose to purchase a VCT 32 it's important to know that you have financing choices that can help your facility upgrade sooner. These choices are available for a lot of other CT models too. If you'd like to know more, contact us or check out some of our other CT leasing articles:

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