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GE Ultra 8 Lease Price Guide

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So, you're hoping to upgrade from your quad-slice CT, but your capital equipment budget doesn't look like it'll have enough room for the jump all the way up to a 16-slice scanner for quite some time. Or, perhaps you've already taken the plunge into 16 slices and above, but your facility could use an overflow system to help handle your throughput needs.

In either of these cases, the GE LightSpeed Ultra 8 could be just the solution you're looking for. Not only does the Ultra 8 occupy a middle "sweet spot" in terms of function and cost, there are also a variety of financing options available that make the purchase of an Ultra 8 even simpler and more affordable.

The list below contains the average monthly payment amounts for a refurbished GE Ultra 8 over three different lease durations. These figures are based on the current market and include delivery, installation, and a 1-year service agreement, all financed across the duration of the lease term.

5-Year Lease Payments

This plan offers the lowest monthly costs. Typical monthly payments for an Ultra 8 scanner under this plan are $3,210.

4-Year Lease Payments

The 4-year lease is the "middle ground". It reduces up-front cost, but also pays the scanner off faster.An Ultra 8 under this plan costs around $3,900 per month.

3-Year Lease Payments

The 3-year term is for those who want to pay down their balance as soon as they can. Under this plan, an Ultra 8 typically costs around $5,100 per month.

The Next Step

Now that you have a baseline of what you can expect from the refurbished market, the next step is to start a conversation about what your CT project will entail and what your individual cost will be. You can learn more by contacting one of our CT experts with your questions or a quote request. You can also see lease pricing for other top CT models with the links below.

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