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GE Optima 580W Review

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GE has been a leader in radiation oncology and wide-bore CT scanners for some time. This is due largely to the popularity of the LightSpeed RT 16. Although somewhat niche, its large bore accommodates oncology and bariatric needs.

Following the path blazed by the LightSpeed RT 16, the GE Optima 580W is the next-generation GE wide-bore CT. If a system for radiation oncology is on your capital equipment list, the following points will guide you through some of the distinct features that make the Optima 580W noteworthy.

GE Optima 580W CT Features   

Wide Bore 

With an 80cm bore diameter, the 580W is well-suited for radiation therapy exams, trauma patients, and for positioning larger patients in bariatric case work.. 

Table Configuration 

The table of the 580W features a maximum weight capacity of 650 lbs (294.8 kg). The tables are also designed at a low minimum height, for ease of access. The combination of table design and bore diameter provides increased comfort and positioning flexibility. 

Imaging Versatility

From high-volume emergency rooms to radiation oncology examination, robust hardware and software provide for a broad range of scenarios, studies, and applications.  

Smart Metal Artifact Reduction

MAR is a three-phase process that is becoming increasingly important in ensuring quality imaging despite the presence of high-z metals such as screws, prosthesis, and dental fillings. GE's version of the process, Smart MAR, is a standard feature on the 580W.

Advantage Workstation

The 580W follows its predecessors with an upgraded version of the Advantage Workstation found in the Lightspeed, Brightspeed and VCT series. The upgrades allow 2D, 3D and 4D visualization, while the similarities ease the transition to the 580W for techs that have familiarity with those previous GE models.

The Takeaway

The new GE 580W is a robust and versatile option for a broad array of imaging exams. But if your specialty is in the oncology or bariatric space, the model has more than a few compelling advantages to offer.

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