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GE Omega IV vs. GE Omega V Tables for Innova Cath Labs

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When your cath lab deliberations lead you to consider the GE Innova product line, one of the specifications you'll encounter as you sift through the options is patient table type. With the Innovas, there are two main table varieties, the GE Omega IV and the GE Omega V, and the option to upgrade to a third variety, the GE Elegance table.

Below, we'll share with you the differences between the GE Omega IV, Omega V, and Elegance Innova cath lab tables as well as which Innova models you'll typically find each of them paired with.

Omega, Elegance Tables Compared

What's different?

For the most part, the Omega IV and Omega V tables are functionally identical. The only real difference is that the Omega V is 33cm longer. This gives it an extra 60cm of longitudinal travel and an extra 60cm of equivalent fluoroscopic coverage. The difference in length makes the shorter Omega IV better suited for studies that involve less table movement, like cardiac. The longer Omega V is better suited for angiography studies where the user will be performing run-offs.

The upgrade option, GE's Elegance table, takes the basic design of the Omega V and adds the mobility of 20 degrees of head-down tilt and 12 degrees of head-up tilt. The tilt feature is a specialty option that, depending on your work, might be worth considering for its added flexibility.

Where You'll Find Them

The Omega IV is most commonly paired with cardiac-oriented labs like the Innova 2100 IQ. The Omega V is generally seen with vascular-oriented labs like the Innova 3100 IQ or Innova 4100 IQ. The Elegance is not a common table. When you see one in the field, it is typically paired with an Innova 4100 IQ cath lab, though it's not unheard of to see one with a 2100 IQ or 3100 IQ.

The Takeaway

In most cases, if you know what type of work you'll be doing, and if you are looking into labs with the detector size for that work, the table you need will already be with it. It is worth double-checking, however, just to be sure that any lab you intend to use for vascular work has either an Omega V or Elegance table.

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