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GE OEC 9800 Awarded '2019 Best Value in Class'

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Each season, Block Imaging extends an award to a distinctive company or product in a given space. Today, that space is outstanding value among full-size C-arm systems and the product is GE's OEC 9800.

Over the last two decades GE OEC has grown an extraordinary market share among C-arm manufacturers. Beyond their obvious popularity, the following are four reasons why we believe the OEC 9800 is most deserving of the “2019 Best Value in Class” award: 

Flat Panel Monitor Upgrades

The shift from CRT monitors to LCD has impacted image quality and speed of use for physicians and techs. Field upgrades that make this transition for the 9800 have given users the chance to reap these benefits without a full system replacement or the higher cost of acquiring a later-model C-arm. The LCD monitors also bring the 9800 a more modern and refined look, from a purely cosmetic perspective. Take a closer look at the upgrade and hear about its benefits in the video below.

OEC-Approved Monitor Upgrades for 9800 & 8000


With tri-mode 9” and 12” image intensifier options, a Super configuration, a motor-driven option, software packages from general surgery to vascular with digital subtraction angiography (DSA), and even Cardiac configurations, this C-arm can be sized and equipped for a whole host of fluoroscopy procedures. 


While there are both more and less expensive options available in the market today, the 9800 is the center of the target when it comes to top-notch imaging at an affordable price. 


In the rare event the C-arm goes down, in addition to OEC themselves, the 9800 is supported by a wide array of service providers around the world. This, along with high quantities of parts, allows for quick service resolutions and less expensive service agreements or time and materials repairs. 


Congratulations to OEC and the OEC 9800 product for being awarded C-arm’s “2019 Best Value in Class!” This product has had an enormous impact on healthcare providers and millions of patients in need of pain management and surgical care around the world. We at Block Imaging are proud to provide this equipment and would love to hear from you if the 9800 sounds like the solution you're looking for.

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