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GE Innova 4100 IQ Movement and Fluoro Demo [VIDEO]

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The GE Innova cath lab series is one of the most popular product lines in interventional radiology, especially if you're looking for equipment within the United States. The latest iteration of the series is the 4100 IQ. Along with some convenient improvements to the controls, the IQ features the same OR flexibility as earlier Innova systems.

Watch the video below for a basic demonstration of a refurbished Innova 4100 IQ in one of the staging areas in our Michigan refurbishment center:

• Table movements

• C-arm movements

• Detector movements

• Fluoroscopy image

GE Innova 4100 IQ Cath Lab Overview


See More of the Innova 4100

We have a number of other video clips that will show you more of the Innova 4100 in action as well as a few comparisons to see how it stacks up alongside some other popular cath/angio models. Take a look in our library!

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How is the Innova IQ different from the Innova?

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