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GE Essential Mammography Paddles: Which Are 'Standard'?

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If you're searching the secondary market for a good value on a GE Essential mammography system, you may have noticed that not all of the offerings come with the same selection of compression paddles. This isn't unusual, but for a first-time mammo buyer, it can be a touch confusing. With so many different types of paddles out there, which types should a buyer look for? Which types make up a "standard" set for the Essential?

There's not really a consensus around what makes a "standard" paddle set, but there are a number of paddles that techs use so often they could be considered standard on a de facto basis. The list below will fill you in on the seven to nine paddles that are likely to be part of a GE Essential mammography purchase.

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"Standard" GE Essential Compression Paddles

The following are some of the most commonly used paddles in mammography. Because of their prevalence, most of these will be found with just about any secondary market Essential. Some paddles are completely interchangeable (listed with "OR"). Other paddles are functionally similar to the point where they can be interchanged, but aren't necessarily, one-to-one, the best tool for the job. In these cases, (listed with "AND/OR") it may be worth considering one of each. All paddles are listed with their manufacturer part number (P/N).

  • Flexible sliding 19 x 23 paddle P/N 5144832-2 
  • Sliding round spot paddle 5144836 AND/OR Sliding square spot paddle 5144835 
  • Round spot magnification paddle 5172946 AND/OR Square magnification paddle 5172686 
  • 1.5 magnification stand 5150701 

The Takeaway

Ultimately, not every facility uses the same paddles and not every mammography equipment provider offers the same paddles. If, however, you're entering the mammography space for the first time, having the paddles listed above will get you off to a great start in having the right tools to serve the majority of breast cancer detection needs,

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