Fuji Persona CS vs. OEC 9900: C-Arm Power Comparison

The Fuji Persona CS is an eye-catching newcomer to the C-arm market; and rightfully so. It boasts a space-saving footprint, a flat-panel digital detector, 30 fps fluoroscopy, and a host of other attractive features. But when C-arm buyers consult the specifications, it's common for the Persona's 5kW generator to raise some questions:

  • Does the Persona have enough power for a busy schedule of long fluoro runs?
  • Isn't a system with a higher kW rating (not to mention a lower price tag), like the OEC 9900 a better pick for a workload like that?

To answer these questions, we'll compare the generator and tube ratings of the more common OEC 9900 to those of the Fuji Persona CS. Then we'll share what those specifications mean for users with demanding workloads.

Fuji Persona CS power comparison with OEC

The generator capacity of the Fuji Persona CS is 5kW. The generator of the OEC 9900 is rated for 15kW. Up front, those numbers might seem like an overwhelming advantage on the side of the 9900, but a comparison of sheer power doesn't tell the full story.

Overall Power vs. Exposure

A C-arm system's maximum kilovoltage peak (kVp) and milliampere second (mAs), combined with the heat capacity of the tube, matter far more to extended fluoroscopy procedures than the overall generator rating. These specifications indicate how much exposure the system actually generates and how long the tube can sustain it. 

OEC 9900

  • Generator maximum kVp: 120
  • Generator maximum mAs: 40
  • Tube anode heat capacity: 300,000 HU
  • Tube anode cooling rate: 85,000 HU/min

Fuji Persona CS

  • Generator maximum kVp: 120
  • Generator maximum mAs: 50
  • Tube anode heat capacity: 414,000 HU
  • Tube anode cooling rate: 63,000HU/min

A look at these numbers side-by-side reveals that, in spite of having a much lower overall power rating, the Persona CS has a higher maximum output and a similar tube heat capacity. The Fuji CS can actually capture an X-ray exposure at a higher level than the 9900.

The Takeaway

The minimal footprint and 5kW generator rating of Fuji's latest C-arm might have you expecting compact performance; but don't be deceived. The Persona CS can keep pace with the OEC 9900 for pain management, orthopedics, spine studies, general surgery, urology, speech pathology, and sports medicine.

If you'd like to know more about the Persona CS or the OEC 9900, our team is ready to answer your questions. Drop us a line! If you'd like to see more C-arm comparisons, our Learning Center is full of additional resources about the most popular systems on the market.

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