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Five Key Features of the GE Revolution CT Series

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As new CT technology becomes available, it can be difficult to understand the manufacturer-specific nomenclature and distinct features of each model. Every feature seems to have a name made up of initials, deliberately misspelled words, or words that have been scrunched together into some never-before-seen portmanteau. GE has continued this somewhat confusing tradition with the features of their Revolution CT lineup. Don't worry, though- this article will clarify five of the most important features Revolution CT systems offer and give you a few reasons to get excited as they push imaging technology forward.

GSI Xtream

GSI (Gemstone Spectral Imaging), was introduced on the Discovery 750HD in 2010. This technology allows for fast kV switching during dual-energy data acquisition. This, in turn, allows near-simultaneous dual-energy projections, minimizing the effect of organ and patient movement.

The original GSI from the 750HD has been improved and integrated into the Revolution series as GSI Xtream. Revolution CT scanners are the first to include this technology. Reduction in metal artifacts, improved lesion detection, and .25 millisecond kV switching are a few of the benefits made possible by GSI Xtream. 


The integration of ASiR (GE's proprietary iterative reconstruction software) helps to improve low-contrast detectability and reduce dose by more than 80%. The result is shorter exams as low as 70 kV- perfect for fast and safe pediatric imaging. 

Smart Patient Centering (SPC)

This feature helps to detect off-center imaging prior to each patient scan. The feature suggests table movements to the tech to correct the centering, allowing Revolution CT users to avoid taking unnecessary scans and exposing patients to unnecessary radiation dose.

Organ Dose Modulation (ODM)

ODM is a capability within the Smartdose feature family. The software adjusts radiation dose according to the presence of certain organs in the path of the scan. This helps reduce overall dose and protects sensitive areas from unnecessary radiation. 

Smart Flow

For techs using Revolution series scanners, Smart Flow is a potential game changer. The software improves patient throughput by accommodating a broader scan area up to 200 cm. Smart Flow also includes tabbed workflows to make managing multiple patients simpler.

The Takeaway

Speed and dose reduction features are foundational to providing outstanding patient care. With the features mentioned above, and others, the Revolution series continues to build on the progress GE brought the field with the LightSpeed, BrightSpeed and VCT product lines before it. We extend a hearty “well done” to the GE Healthcare team as they continue to innovate in the computed tomography arena. 

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