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Felicia DeJohn
Quality Assurance Manager


Some info on what I do at Block:

 I’m the Quality Assurance Manager. In a nut shell  I make sure processes are in place to provide excellent interactions with customers and vendors. I also coordinate our engineer training program, state registrations, and vendor approval processes.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with you!


A little bit about me, personally:

  • I love my husband, Chad, and my cat, Dodson. Chad and I have been married for four years after meeting at a wedding. He caught the garter and I caught the bouquet. 
  • I like to quilt, do yoga, crochet, cook and bake.
  • Fall is definitely my favorite season for a few reasons:  football (GO GREEN), cozy clothes, pretty outdoor scenery, and the house isn’t a hundred degrees if you use the oven!
  • I don’t go out for coffee much (they want HOW much for a latte?) but when I do, I go to Starbucks. I worked there in college and they treat their employees super well!
  • I like to garden and travel. I enjoy reading in cozy sunny spots and eating good food.

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