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DR Panel Subscription Periods: What to Expect

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As society trends toward more diverse forms of ownership and commerce, platform-based and subscription-style services have become increasingly common. Uber, Amazon, Netflix, and others have fundamentally changed the way many of us travel, shop, and plan entertainment for a night in. Now, the same streamlined approach has come to digital radiography (DR). Just like subscribing to a cellphone service, with a single monthly payment for your phone, data, and damage protection, DR users can subcribe to pay off their panel while having it covered for service, updates, and droppage.

Most of the panel buyers we talk with agree that these are great benefits, but the next questions they ask always seem to revolve around the length of the subscription period, the frequency of upgrade elligibility, and just how much of the subscription period they're really locked in for. To help clear up those questions, we'll use Block Imaging's subscription plan as an example and dig into what you can expect concerning the details of your DR panel subscription period.

How long are DR panel subscription periods?

Subscription periods vary from provider to provider, but Block Imaging currently offers subscriptions from three years to six years. This provides value in both longevity and avoidance of obsolescence. We've found that panel technology doesn't always change dramatically from year to year, but every few years the advancements add up to a strong case for an upgrade. 

Can I trade in (and trade up) before the end of the period?

Another compelling facet of a DR of subscription is the flexibility it can provide. If a game-changing technology feature happens to come onto the market before your subscription period is going to end, a Block Imaging subscription plan allows for your DR panel to be traded in for the next generation before the end of your term. Your assigned product associate will be happy to modify your package for you.

Am I locked in for the duration of the contract?

Just like any other subscription service, when you sign up for a Block Imaging DR panel subscription, you determine your billing period. Most subscriptions offer a simple monthly plan that you can cancel at any time. In the case of a DR panel, however, the subscription allows you to own the panel at the end of the term. As a result, a cancellation carries the remaining cost of the panel. If you absolutely need to cancel before the end of your subscription, your Block imaging product associate can work with you on the possibility of a buyback.

The Takeaway

While a DR panel subscription might not be the best fit for every facility out there, we're hard-pressed to think of a scenario where it's not at least worth serious consideration. Staying in step with panel technology, spreading costs out, and having a path to ownership are just a few of the benefits subscribers enjoy.

If you'd like to learn about beginning your own DR panel subscription, our X-ray team is ready to share more information with you and prepare you quote. Use the button below to tell us how we can help.

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