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DR Panel Subscription Program vs. DR Panel Purchase

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Subscription services are nothing new. In fact, pretty much everyone in any developed country has at least one or two. From Netflix to municipal services like trash collection, people all over the world sign up for services that provide them with the use of something they don't necessarily intend to own- like a server filled with thousands of movies or a garbage truck. Now, DR panel providers are applying that same model to digitizing your analog X-ray equipment. Imagine: your facility can make use of a fully-covered DR panel without making a lump sum capital expenditure. Intriguing? We think so.

While outright purchase of a DR panel may still be the best choice for some, we’re going to share with you the top three reasons we recommend anyone shopping the DR panel market to consider a panel subscription program. We can't speak for every subscription provider out there, so we'll use our program terms as examples along the way.

Benefits of DR Panel Subscription

Avoid Obsolescence

Given the rapid advancement of technology, there's always concern that a piece of equipment could be obsolete just a year or two after purchase. These concerns are legitimate, as DR panel manufacturers have improved image quality, signal strength, software interfaces, battery life, and just about every other aspect of their products just in the last few years.

A DR panel subscription program enables you to avoid panel obsolescence by trading in and renewing your subscription at the end of each term. If improvements and updates have been made, you'll be able to take advantage of them every two years.

Coverage Is Included

When you subscribe to a DR panel program you receive much more than the use of the panel itself. Drop protection, parts and labor, remote support, loaners, and software updates are bundled into your subscription fee. In an outright purchase, these service elements are either sold separately or bundled for a limited-time-only span.

Save Your Capital Budget

Because a DR panel subscription is a service purchase and not an equipment purchase, the dollars spent on it can be applied to your operating budget, keeping your capital budget free for other opportunities. 

The Takeaway

While we certainly agree that, under certain circumstances, purchasing a DR panel might be a better value than subscribing to a panel service, we'd be hard-pressed to think of a case where subscription wasn't worth serious consideration and a consultation with your provider. The up-to-date technology, inclusive coverage, and budgetary flexibility a DR panel subscription plan offers are benefits imaging facilities of all sizes and patient traffic volumes can appreciate.

If you're ready to learn more about a DR panel subscription, our team is ready to fill you in on all the particulars and help you find the best X-ray setup for your facility. Use the button below to contact us and tell us your digital X-ray needs.

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