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DR Panel Rental vs. DR Panel Subscription

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For imaging facilities running on a tighter budget, finding the right DR solution can be challenging. Often, long-term solutions are not feasible because of the total capital outlay involved in acquiring them. Because we've seen so many facilities wrestle with this issue, here at Block we've put plans in place to be more flexible in serving your needs.

DR panel buyers now have options outside of a standard purchase. Below, we'll share a feature comparison of two of them, DR rental and DR subscription, as well as which circumstances they fit best in.

DR Panel Rental vs. Subscription

Renting DR equipment for use in your facility is a lot like renting any other kind of equipment; a car, a carpet cleaner, a pressure washer. You pre-select the duration of your rental, which can be extended as needed, and use the equipment as needed. If the equipment is used properly and returned with no damage beyond regular wear and tear, no maintenance or upkeep costs are required on your end. Rental is the full package for a set time, at a set rate.

DR subscription is a more inclusive, longer-term solution. A facility that is subscribed to DR service has the equipment on site for use as needed, but is also covered by remote support and maintenance. On top of that, if a new revision of the panel currently in use is released during their subscription term, the facility has the option to trade in and up with a simple adjustment of their monthly fee.

Key Differences at a glance

Average Term Duration

Rental: 6 to 24 months (serving a temporary need)

Subscription: 36 to 72 months (a stepping stone toward a permanent solution)

After Term Ownership

Rental: Return the equipment at the end of the term

Subscription: Own the equipment free and clear at the end of the term

Term Extensions

Rental: Extend term length at the same flat rate

Subscription: 1. Trade in current panel for the newest version (like a cellphone plan) or

       2. Keep the panel with no upgrade, payments cease, service extensions available


Rental: Typically more expensive, $2,500 - $3,500 based on panel type and term length (longer terms have lower rates)

Subscription: Range from $700 to $1,300 per month based on panel type and length of term


A rental solution is a good fit if your DR project is a short-term research opportunity, if you have a gap between two X-ray projects, or if you are still deciding which route to go but need DR capabilities in the interim.

A DR subscription is the best value for your dollar. We recommend it for organizations that need a full turnkey solution but want to avoid a large capital outlay. If digital X-ray will be something your facility provides in the future, the upgrade feature of a subscription plan is a strong added value.

Click here if you know which DR solution you would like to move forward with, or if you have more questions our team can help you out with.