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Do Mobile Imaging Rentals Come with Service Coverage?

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When people contact us to discuss renting mobile MRI, CT, or PET/CT systems, one of the first questions they ask- after "How much does a mobile rental cost?"- is whether or not a rental includes service and, if so, what they can expect from that coverage. The answer to the front half of that question is generally yes. When you rent an imaging system, most rental providers (like Block Imaging) include service coverage throughout your rental term. 

What you can expect from your rental service coverage, however, looks a little different from provider to provider. To give you an idea of what types of service features might be included in a mobile imaging rental agreement, we'll break down what's provided when you rent from Block Imaging as an example. We'll also cover a few things you can expect from the experience.

Mobile Rental Service Features

Labor and Parts: Our service coverage includes all replacement parts and engineer labor that are needed during your rental term, with the exception of damage and repairs due to negligence or misuse.

Preventive Maintenance: Periodic visits for routine maintenance will be scheduled for dates and times that work for you. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule is one of the most effective strategies for maximizing your rental system's uptime.

Uptime Guarantee: An uptime guarantee is a promise that your rental term won't be spent waiting for solutions to equipment issues and failures. Our service team offers an uptime guarantee of 98%.

24/7 Call Center: Block Service Coordinators are on call after hours and will schedule an engineer to come to your facility as soon as possible. If your call isn't answered right away, leave a message for a quick call back.

Factors that May Affect Response Time

In the event of an equipment service issue, our first step is engineer phone support. If an issue is relatively simple to resolve, a phone support call can be the fastest way to get your rental system up and running again. If phone support isn’t enough, there are a few factors that may affect service response times.

Facility Location: If your facility is in a more remote area, field service engineers may have a longer onsite response time. This may also mean later delivery times for replacement parts.

Field Service Engineer Location/ Availability: The number of field service engineers that work on certain systems may be limited in your area which may affect onsite response time.

Facility Availability: Working around a scanning schedule or limited facility hours will affect onsite response time.

When Your Mobile Arrives

Mobile delivery drivers do their best to transport imaging systems as smoothly and safely as they can. Sometimes though, the equipment needs extra care and time to stabilize after travel. The first month of rental is a period in which you might need more service than usual. Our customer service representatives and field service engineers are available and ready to work with you to make sure the first month hitches and hiccups are worked out as quickly as possible.

Help Us Help You

Should you need to place a service call during your rental term, there are some pieces of information that will help your service rep process your request faster. If you can call with the following in hand, it will save time on the front end of your service case.

  • Reference number (A-XXXXXX in our case)
  • Is the system hard down, or is the issue intermittent?
  • A description of the issue, including any error codes
  • Best point of contact for the case
  • When is the system available for service?

The Takeaway

While there are a lot of differences between renting a mobile imaging system and having one installed permanently in your facility, the quality of your service coverage doesn't have to be one of them. Many rental providers, Block Imaging among them, offer full-featured service coverage for the duration of your rental term. 

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