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Do C-Arm Rentals Include Service?

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If you're exploring the option of renting a C-arm, you probably have questions about how your system will be supported during your rental term. These are important considerations since, for some, your rental may stretch out over many months. In this post we'll offer some clarity on the questions: Do C-arm rentals include service? And what does service look like during a C-arm rental?

Service Support for C-Arm Rentals

We'll start by saying that, in most cases, service support is included in your rental fee when you rent a C-arm from a reputable vendor. This coverage typically includes labor and parts needed for repairs related to normal wear and tear or any damage that comes up as a result of shipping.

We can't speak for all providers but, to offer more detail on what rental service can look like, we'll use our own rental service coverage as an example.

Example: Block Imaging Service

Service is fully covered for every C-arm rental that comes from Block Imaging. For all intents and purposes, we cover rental systems the same way we cover a system that a customer has purchased. This includes:

  • Parts and labor
  • Dedicated service rep
  • 98% uptime guarantee
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Personalized web portal access

All of these features are in effect from the day the system arrives until the day your rental term ends.

The Takeaway

When it comes to renting a C-arm out to a customer, a vendor has a vested interest in not only ensuring a great experience for that rental, but also ensuring that the equipment is maintained well to be deployed on future rentals. This double incentive means service that covers parts and labor is almost always part of the picture. In some cases, you can get an even stronger value with additional service features that offer greater convenience and peace of mind.

If you're looking to fill a temporary need at your facility with a C-arm rental, our team is happy to help. You can learn more about renting from Block Imaging with any of the blogs below, or you can start the conversation directly by calling 517-668-8800.