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Digital Mammography System Rentals: Benefits and Pricing

Posted by Jason Block

Jun 5, 2014 9:10:00 AM

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Digital_Mammo_RentalsWhether or not to upgrade your mammography equipment can be a tough decision. Of course upgrading your equipment sounds great- maybe you’re limping along with an analog mammo/CR combo or have an older digital mammo that you’d simply like to replace- but acquiring capital approval for a digital mammography system might not be realistic.

With capital budgets tight (or frozen), the uncertainty of patient referrals, and declining reimbursements, spending $100-200k to purchase a system can seem out of the question. This scenario is exactly the time to consider a rental agreement. The following are two big reasons why renting (and renting to own) a digital mammography system might be the best option for you and your facility.


Why a Digital Mammography Rental Might Be the Best Option

Eliminate Capital Approval

The payment structure of a rental allows for limited capital deployment, possible avoidance of the red tape of the capital approval process, and a trial period with a system you may be interested in, but aren’t fully sold on. If the trial proves to be a huge success, a “rent-to-own” plan can be set up.

The table below shows monthly payments for renting a GE digital mammo system from Block Imaging:

Refurbished GE Digital Mammography Rental Pricing

  Months 1-12 Months 13-24
GE Senographe 2000D (+deposit*) $7,500 $3,750
GE Senographe DS (+deposit*) $8,500 $4,250

 *$12,000 deposit toward refurbishment and installation

Use Service Dispatch Funds

Often, monthly equipment fees are classified as part of a site's service budget. If this is true in your case, most of the payments for your rental can be chalked up to service, leaving more funds for other projects in your capital budget.

The Takeaway 

If you had banished the idea of being able to upgrade your mammography unit, hopefully we’ve been able to open your eyes to a richly-imagined future. After all, how often do you have the ability to try a radiology system you buy it- especially one that doesn’t roll in on wheels and requires no capital outlay? And remember- if the “test drive” goes well, the rental payments you've already made will reduce the price of purchasing the system.

If you have more questions about digital mammography systems or rental options, contact us. Our team is happy to ehlp you find the best mammo option for your facility.

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Written by Jason Block

author of blog post

Jason Block is the Product Manager for Women’s Health Equipment at Block Imaging. Along with coaching and participating in sports and fitness, Jason loves to help, challenge, and empower people as they make decisions about their medical imaging equipment.

Topics: Imaging Equipment Rental, Mammography

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