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Digital Mammography Inspection and Handling

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Some of the questions we get most often from buyers on the digital mammography market are questions about how a used mammography machine is validated and handled between its old home and its potential new home. These are excellent questions because not every equipment provider handles all of the steps involved in the same ways.

Because of this widespread curiosity, we decided to lay it all out and give you a look. Watch the video below to hear and see step-by-step how a digital mammography machine is inspected and handled by Block Imaging before you purchase it. We can't speak for any of the other companies that you may consider working with but, in our experience, the methods below have safely delivered systems to their new homes over and over again.


Digital Mammo Machine Inspection and Handling


Digital Mammo Detector Packaging

You can take a closer look at the specialized detector packaging mentioned in the video in the photo and diagram below. The detector is nested in custom-cut foam, surrounded by bricks of temperature control material and dessicant, surrounded by another layer of foam, and, finally, enclosed in a solid plywood crate.

Outside of mammo createDrawing of Mammo Crate


If you have other questions about the process of getting a used or refurbished mammo into your facility, we have more resources to inform your project. Take a look at the articles below to learn more, or contact our Women's Health Product Team to start a conversation.

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