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Digital Detector Kit Upgrades Your Analog Mammography System

Posted by Jason Block

Nov 10, 2017 10:09:37 AM

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Pearl Digital Mammography Upgrade KitsRetrofit kits that allow a facility to upgrade analog X-ray machines with direct digital imaging capabilities have been around for years. Now, there is a kit that brings the same ease of upgrading to facilities currently using analog mammography units with film or CR cassettes. This upgrade kit is called Pearl, and we're positive that the benefits of upgrading will speak for themselves to any mammogram provider who is considering a step forward in their breast cancer screening technology. That said, we'll dive right in below with what a Pearl digital mammography upgrade kit is capable of and what those capabilities can mean for you and your patients.

What Pearl Digital Mammo Upgrades Offer

Much of what a Pearl upgrade kit offers is true of moving from analog to digital X-ray in general: Faster acquisition speeds, clearer images, on-the-spot image validation (which reduces callbacks and reshoots), and the reclamation of space and money spent on processors, CR readers, and cassettes. Pearl's image clarity is a result of a number of factors in its design, including: Trueview reverse filtering (reduces light scatter), 76 micrometer pixel size (the smallest among CsI detectors), and low-noise electronics.

In addition to capturing clear, crisp images with great speed, Pearl upgrades come with AccuVue mammography software loaded on the workstation. Features of this software include:

  • Nine image styles for user preference
  • Single-click image adjustment
  • Instant image recall
  • Thumbnail image preview
  • Support in 12 languages

Finally, a Pearl upgrade offers one of the most affordable ways to take your mammography studies digital!

How Pearl Upgrades Are Installed

The installation of a Pearl digital mammography upgrade is fast, easy, and requires no alteration of existing equipment or facilities. The process takes around 30-60 minutes*. In the photo below, are the main components of the kit. The workstation computer is set up and networked like any other desktop PC, the digital detector panel connects to it with a single cable for both power and signal, and the panel is inserted into the existing film cassette slot. It's that simple!

mammo panel kit

*NOTE: The upgraded system will require AEC calibration after the retrofit is installed.

The Takeaway

If you've been considering a move from analog to digital mammography but haven't been prepared to replace your entire system, Pearl is the solution you've been waiting for, in both high-quality performance and manageable cost. If you're ready to begin a conversation about updating your breast cancer scanning equipment, we're ready to help you weigh your options. Use the button below to tell us what you need, get a quote, or ask any other questions you might have.

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Get a closer look at a Pearl kit installed on a GE analog mammo in this video clip:

Written by Jason Block

author of blog post

Jason Block is the Product Manager for Women’s Health Equipment at Block Imaging. Along with coaching and participating in sports and fitness, Jason loves to help, challenge, and empower people as they make decisions about their medical imaging equipment.

Topics: Mammography

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