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CT Tube Lifespan and Cost: MRC 600, MRC 800

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When buyers choose a CT scanner, the cost of maintenance and service is often overshadowed by the importance of choosing the right features, options, and capabilities. However, the expense of replacing an X-ray tube every few years can affect a scanner's ROI almost as much as the "bells and whistles". 

CT scanners equipped with the MRC 600 or the MRC 800 can help users control this cost with less frequent and less expensive tube replacement pricing.

Let’s take a look at the typical life expectancy and replacement cost of both the MRC 600 and MRC 800 CT tubes below.

MRC 600 and 800 Average Life Expectancy

The Span

In our experience, and the experience of our customers, the MRC 600 and 800 are some of the longest-lasting tubes on the market. MRC tubes consistently last 800,000 to 1,600,000 scan seconds. That translates to 4-7 years of performance in a facility scanning at mid-range patient volume. 

The Cost

Now that the question of lifespan has been addressed, there's more good news: Used MRC 600 tubes currently average $40,000-$65,000. Used MRC 800 tubes average $55,000-$85,000. Relative to the overall cost spectrum of CT tubes, this puts MRCs in the middle, making them an excellent value for the longevity they provide. 

Compare replacement costs for popular CT scanner X-ray tubes

The Takeaway

If you need an MRC 600 or MRC 800 tube now, or are simply preparing for the day when you will, we can help. Our parts team can find you the right tube and our service team can dispatch the engineering personnel you’ll need to have it installed.  Whatever your particular need might be, we’re ready to help.  Contact us online with the button below, or call 1-877-621-2887 to start planning your next solution.