CT Service and Maintenance

Regular system care for peak performance and uptime.

Your CT scanner is a cornerstone of your imaging services. To keep it (and your patient schedule) running smoothly, you need a plan! Learn about your system's maintenance needs, what you can do to prolong your CT's life, and who you can turn to for help, right here.

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Service Plans for CT Scanners

At the foundation of so many medical imaging facilities is a hard-working CT system, scanning through stacks and stacks of patient cases and taking its fair share of knocks in the process. With so much riding on the condition of a system (patient satisfaction, physician satisfaction, your bottom line), we can't say it enough: dependable service is a must for any facility that operates a CT.

We know that not every facility has the same needs, but we can tell you that having some kind of service coverage for your scanner will bring you benefits like:

  • Preventing system downtime
  • Saving money on repair parts and engineer labor
  • Extending the life of your CT scanner

The OEM Is Not the Only Option

Many of the folks we talk to have had OEM service coverage at one time or another and found the cost very hard on their budget. Fortunately, the market for imaging equipment service has come a long way in recent years! There are more affordable options now than ever so, instead of taking on the risk of skipping coverage, we suggest exploring the options that are available to you now.

One kind of service provider you might look into is an independent service organization (ISO). A typical ISO has a hotline for placing service calls, reps who schedule regular maintenance for you, engineers with experience in many CT models, and access to parts; just like the OEM, but at far lower costs! To see what working with an ISO can look like for you, check out this sneak peek at the Block Imaging Service Team.

It Pays to Vet Your Prospects

As you begin looking for a service provider, we suggest you shop around, read the fine print, and ask plenty of questions. The details of a coverage plan vary from provider to provider. You'll want to make sure the major cost areas are addressed and that you understand the most common coverage exclusions.

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replacement parts for CT

The reliability of your CT scanner is only as strong as the reliability of its parts. When certain components begin to fail, the image quality of the CT suffers, or worse: the system goes down entirely. This is why it's crucial for your CT to receive consistent care and for you to have access to a reliable source for replacement parts.

CT Tube Care and Replacement

One of the most commonly replaced parts on a CT scanner is the tube. Every model has a different life expectancy and a different replacement cost, but it's inevitable. Fortunately, there are signs of approaching tube failure that you can be on the lookout for. When you begin to see (or hear) them, you can prepare yourself in  advance for a tube replacement.

When your tube's time eventually comes, there's good news: used and third-party tubes are readily available for many makes and models of CT at significantly lower prices than buying from the OEM.

Detector Module Care and Replacement

Another common replacement part for CT scanners are the detector modules. Sometimes, as in the case of Philips detector modules and their Siemens module counterparts, these modules can be replaced one at a time. At other times, it's important to replace them in a matched set. In all cases, however, it pays to have a source you can count on for the modules you need.



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A Complete Service Plan Selection Guide

Everything you need to know about making a plan to protect and maintain your CT scanner.

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system selection

One of the best things you can do to increase your uptime and save on CT maintenance is to select the best system in the first place. This could mean choosing a CT that is newer, or one that has plentiful parts, or one that has air cooling versus water cooling. All of these aspects of the CT you choose will make up your  service experience.

With the right balance of clinical needs, service cost, and service availability in mind, you can work with your provider to find the best overall CT scanner value for you. The most important thing you can do is approach the equipment market with curiosity and ask lots of questions about any CT you're considering. The more information you have before you buy, the more accurate your service expectations will be.

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downtime prevention

At the end of the day, all of the efforts we've been discussing work together to realize a single goal: maximum equipment uptime. Beyond having the right service provider on call when issues come up, there are several other ways you can do this. Proactive measures allow you to be involved directly in keeping your uptime high, your patients satisfied, and your revenue intact.

Proactive measures allow you to be involved directly in keeping your uptime high, your patients satisfied, and your revenue intact.

Whether you're using proper temperature and humidity settings to prevent overheating, prolonging your tube life with best practices, or building security around your patient's personal health information with a patient data disaster recovery plan, there's no reason to be reactive after your CT is already out of commission. 


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