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CT Scanner Service Success Story

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Every so often we like to tell our readers the story of a success we’ve shared with one of our customers, in their own words. If your facility is struggling with the cost of service to maintain your imaging equipment, some of the frustrations in the story below will probably sound familiar. What you might not recognize, however, are the ways the facility in question was able to alleviate these concerns and free up significant resources to meet other needs and improve their bottom line. Read on to learn more about what happened for Matt at his multi-modality imaging center right here in the Midwest.

We had our 4-slice CT scanner under a full service contract with the OEM that cost just over $100,000 per year. After a tough year of budget cuts, we had to re-evaluate our expenses. Given the experiences we were having with the OEM, service was one of the first few places we chose to look for savings. Service calls with them were not easy. There were long waits on hold, customer service was sub-par, and it took a while to get someone out to the site- sometimes multiple days.

The physicians at the center decided to cancel the OEM contract and place the machine in an “at risk” status to save money. Unfortunately, this equated to constant down time and random service expenses. Of course, minimal down time is crucial as the machine won’t make money if it can’t scan. After talking about 3rd-party service with Stephen [Loomis]and Simeon [Lowe], the benefits became clear.

The most important aspect to the shareholders was cost. The cost of the service contract with Block Imaging for the same coverage as the OEM, was nearly 57% less! With those savings, the center was able to continue its operations without having to make additional cuts. It also allowed room in the budget to fix other machines (we also had a nuclear camera, MRI scanner, X-ray room, and an ultrasound unit) when they went down.

The physicians and techs were hoping for improvements in the overall quality of the service experience. In general, the customer service with Block Imaging was noticeably more personable, timely, and effective than the OEM.

Keith Rumley working on a CTWith our CT under their full coverage program, there was a significant increase in uptime. This allowed the center to scan more patients and achieve an increase in revenue. I must add, the referring physicians were pleased. Before the contract, if our machine was down, they were sending business to area hospitals. The decision to switch to 3rd-party service truly made a remarkable impact!

Matt’s story certainly doesn’t represent the experience of every OEM service customer in terms of quality, but higher contract pricing is very common within this sector of the imaging equipment service industry. We’re happy to have presented new options and played a part in improving his facility’s overall financial scenario.

Whether your service struggles are related to the quality of the experience or pricing, know that options are available to you that can improve both. Learn more about selecting the best service provider for your facility in our free Imaging Equipment Service Buyer’s Guide.

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