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Four Predictions for the 2020-2021 CT Scanner Market

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From early on, 2020 proved to be a year unlike any other. Many, many aspects of everyday life have changed, some temporarily, others for good. The healthcare and medical imaging fields are no exception. As a result, many of us connected to medical imaging; owners, users, and providers alike, are wondering what the near future will look like for core modalities like CT.

After long deliberation, observation, and conversations with my colleagues in the CT space, the following are four predictions of what we expect to see happening in the CT market over the next 12-18 months.  

Four CT Market Predictions for 2020 and 2021

Increased Scan Demand

First, we expect to see an increase in demand for CT scans. With backlogs created by shutdowns and bandwidth absorbed by COVID screening, we expect demand to increase for quite some time. Additionally, we still have a lot to learn about COVID-19, and CT will play a big role in research.

Increased Mobile Demand

With increased scan demand, we also expect an increase in the use of mobile CTs. Mobiles are a quick solution that don’t require the cost and logistics of building construction. They also allow for better throughput as one scanner can be sanitized while another is in use.

A Move Toward Refurbishment

A shift towards refurbished equipment over new equipment is also likely in the next year and a half. The main driver of this shift will be pricing. Budgets are tight and capital investments are a touchy subject for many hospitals, clinics, and centers.

As refurbishers, we believe there's tremendous value to be had through refurbished systems. Still, as this shift happens, we encourage buyers to vet their providers thoroughly. Consider visiting their facility, even virtually. Know their processes, who refurbishes their equipment? Where do they refurbish their equipment?

Increased Need for Creative Financing Options

Finally, as imaging patient providers respond to the conditions mentioned above, we predict many more facilities needing creative financing options. This will mean more vendors offering rental and subscription model financing. Traditionally reserved for mobile, smaller or portable systems, equipment rentals and subscriptions are gaining traction in the big metal market. It requires a smaller initial investment, provides a solution with low risk, and allows facilities to rely on operating expenses rather than capital budgets.

The Takeaway

The predictions mentioned here are just that; predictions based on experience and industry knowledge. Nothing is written in stone. But, as uncertainty in so many areas continues, we can be sure that vendors in the CT market will continue to adapt and allow imaging facilities to pivot however they may need.

If you're exploring ways to meet new demand, expand strained capacity, or even introduce a new modality, our team is ready to get creative and help you make it happen with refurbishment, mobile options, and creative financing. Click the banner below to describe your project, or speak to our team directly by calling at 517-668-8800.

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